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Our Mission

Supporting the Local Community and Women's Entrepreneurship

Eminem's Olive Oil

Worldwide Ambassador

Emine's goal is to serve as the ambassador of Turkish culture to the world for Eminems's Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He hopes that tasting the best quality extra virgin olive oil from Turkey will encourage people to learn more. About her beloved country and great cuisine, with its beautiful beaches and hillside towns. (Hünkar Begendi and Künefe are among my favorites) My hope is to build a better world for future generations through understanding and appreciation.

Emine then found friends who would work the soil and revive the trees. More families approached Emine as her purchase spread throughout the community; Currently, it has a total of 300 orchards and 8,000 decares of olive trees. When asked what prompted her to embark on this adventure, Emine said, “The neglected trees looked like orphaned children; How can I not help?"

Emine's acquisitions have helped in many ways. He helps sellers who have little other than their land; helps the land by revitalizing orchards; helps society by providing new employment opportunities; and helping the region economically by supporting the local. But that's not enough for Emine because she also wants to teach others the added value of producing a world-class Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). “We want to bring education to this community and the whole world on the wings of a pigeon carrying an olive branch,” he says beautifully.

Emine is a passionate advocate of women's entrepreneurship as well as supporting the local community. She has helped many local women with her olive oil project by giving them the opportunity to work in the fields and contribute to the production of Eminem's Olive Oil. It also promoted many activities for local women entrepreneurs.

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